AMX drivers for Blackmagic design

AMX is a well estabished brand for system integrating solutions.
The AMX drivers for Blackmagic design now enable the use of  Blackmagic devices in this environment, to deliver reliable and cost effective solutions.

Currently the following devices are supported:
- Blackmagic ATEM switcher
- Blackmagic Hyperdeck
- Blackmagic Videohub

The drivers use the RS422 serial ports on AMX Netlinx controllers and Blackmagic design equipment. Commands can be triggered by a touchscreen button, or integrated in a script.
Feedback can be visualized by 'lighting' the buttons.

ATEM switcher

All ATEM switchers, except for the old ATEM Television Studio, are equipped with an RS422 interface port that supports the GVG-100 protocol. The driver enables these functions:
  • PGM 0-9
  • PVW 0-9
  • Cut
  • Auto
  • DSK 


The RS422 port of the Hyperdeck VTR's uses the Sony P2 protocol. In the AMX drivers, these functions are implemented:
  • Play 
  • Pause 
  • Rew 
  • Ffwd 
  • Record


Videohub's can be controlled over the serial port with the Leitch protocol. The AMX drivers support selecting an output and input, and requesting the status.

The AMX drivers can be used in Netlinx studio, this software is only available to certified AMX dealers.

 price: € 95,-