Mix-iT MIDI - control for vMix

Mix-iT MIDI is a controller that has the proven layout of Mix-iT ATEM, now with a USB MIDI interface. The unit has 31 illuminated broadcast buttons, 4 rotaries with switch and a fader. It connects to a PC or Mac via USB.
vMix is an extremely flexible and powerful software video switcher (and much more) for PC. Typically, you build a 'preset' from the many different building blocks to suit your needs. To make it easy to control these sometimes complex setups, Mix-iT is the ideal solution.
We provide you with shortcut templates and activator settings to get the familiar broadcast control functionality:
  • 11 input program and preview bus 
  • 4 keyer buttons
  • 2 downstream keyer buttons
  • auto and cut buttons 
  • fader 
  • visual feedback

Next to that, there are 4 rotaries, that you can use to scroll through sequences of pictures, titles, videos, etc. This prevents clutter. Pressing the rotary puts the selection in preview.

If your wishes don't match this layout- no problem! vMix allows you to connect any MIDI message to any action.
Also, the inlay of the broadcast buttons can be changed.