Mix-iT for vMix

Mix-iT for vMix is a controller that has the proven layout of Mix-iT ATEM, now available for vMix. The unit has 31 illuminated broadcast buttons, 4 rotaries with switch, and a fader. It connects to a PC running vMix via Ethernet.
vMix is an extremely flexible and powerful software video switcher (and much more) for PC. Typically, you build a 'preset' from the many different building blocks to suit your needs. To make it easy to control these sometimes complex setups, Mix-iT is the ideal solution.
When you connect Mix-iT, after setting the IP-address you are ready to control vMix:
  • 11 input program and preview bus
  • or 20 inputs using the 'shift' button
  • 4 keyer buttons and 2 downstream keyer buttons
  • auto and cut buttons 
  • fader 
  • visual feedback
You configure to use the keyer-buttons for the overlays, or as shortcut keys. Next to that, there are 4 rotaries, that can be used to scroll through sequences of pictures, titles, videos, to prevent clutter. 

The inlay of the broadcast buttons can be changed at will.

 Download the manual