PTZ translator

universal PTZ interface/converter



Pan tilt control has evolved a lot over the recent years. For a long time, every manufacturer used its own (serial) standard, nowadays replaced with several IP standards. PTZ translator acts as a universal solution for mixing and matching manufacturers and transports. It translates signals to and from (almost) all ptz devices, and is configurable via webpage: ip-serial, serial-ip, serial-serial, ip-ip

supported protocols:

- Pelco-D 2400 RS485
- Visca 9600 RS422
- Panasonic RS422*

- Sony Visca-over-IP
- PTZ optics Visca-over-IP
- Panasonic CGI*
- Blackmagic ATEM PTZ

- 7.5V
- PoE

additional multiconnector for:

- power & control MP101/MP360 pan /tilt head
- Sony Lanc camera control ( 2 modes)
- Panasonic analog remote control (focus, iris, zoom)
- aux signals, e.g. tally, servo*
- options for Second Shooter/Powerkam control

*: to be anounced

PTZ translator

Universal PTZ interface/converter,
IP, RS422/485.
Multiconnector for Lanc, analog remote, MP101 control.

MSRP: € 450,-

PTZ translator.light

Universal PTZ interface/converter,
IP and RS422/485 only.

MSRP: € 350,-

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